Monday, June 28, 2010

boys will be boys (and men will dress like men)

there is much to love in the men's spring 2011 collections, where sensibility reigned alongside just enough youthful details to compel. prada was one of my favorites, but the boys and older gentlemen presented by agnes b. were really something.

there are two elements that i've been looking for at recent shows: a variety of models and facial expressions. when most fashion people go on about diversity within modeling, they almost always mean 'the black guy' or 'the one plus-size girl everyone is using this season to keep critics from slamming our obsession with ribcages,' but i think it's time for 'the old one' to step forward. if you consider that the main consumer base for all fashion houses are well beyond adolescence, it makes sense to present part of each collection with models who at least somewhat represent those who will actually purchase, and wear, certain pieces. i say 'certain' because the suits agnes b. outfitted her Man Models in are clearly for an older customers; it would take a very, very hip 40-year-old man to wear the pirate-cum-surfer look sported by the young guys, though i wouldn't rule it out completely...

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