Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Détacher's lady rednecks

I've been working at the A Détacher store in NoLita since last summer, all thanks to my very stylish friend and co-worker Caitlin (a clapping ritual).
Admittedly, my job is somewhat related to my opinion that this F/W 2010 collection was one of the highlights of Fashion Week, but it really has more to do with that green silk number. And that almost-trashy bubblegum pink dress (perfect for leaning in the door of a trailer home designed by Philip Staerk or something). And the fact that those over-the-knee socks have been the highlight of my winter wardrobe--without which, I might never wear anything but jeans in this wet New York weather, and that simply wouldn't, couldn't, shouldn't happen.

Here's a little insider knowledge of the show: it was very, in the words of designer (and my lovely boss) Mona Kowalska, "very Mom and Pop" as far as expenses and staff were concerned. And yet...everything went smoothly. The models really appreciated the calm atmosphere--no yelling, no demands, and a chance to snack. Though I'm not one to get intimidated by tall, willowy teenage girls, chatting with them while I painted their nails sidewalk/trashcan gray was grounding; the experience left me with a definite "we're all in this together" feeling, later echoed by one Ali Michael (she stops by the store pretty often), who told me that the real problem with the fashion industry is a lack of respect between agencies, designers, models and press. Agreed!

At the end of the day, it's the final product that really counts. The beautiful, beautiful clothing. And if those involved with those products could try to be a little kinder, a little more organized, a little more true to their word, the fashion industry itself may get a little more respect.

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