Sunday, February 28, 2010

shield me from winter sun

Much like the way you know you can always find a Barenaked Ladies album in any music store's used section ("chickety china the chinese chicken"? what were we thinking?!), digging one of Missoni's signature "zig zag" sweaters out of any fancy New York secondhand shop (of which there are many) is a sure bet. I always get a twinge of excitement when I come across one, but that's just the label doing its thing. The truth is...I don't like Missoni at all. Their color combinations just aren't flattering or even interesting. So color me totally shocked when I saw this utterly perfect coat! The pattern may be classic, but its cocoon shape and elephantine weight keep it from reminding me of Midwestern winters. This is not a coat for the lady who shovels snow, after all...

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